Service #1

Full Chimney Sweep

CCTV Inspection

Smoke Draw Test

Certificate Issued


Service #2

Bird Nest/Blockage removal

Full Chimney Sweep

CCTV Inspection

Smoke Draw Test

Certificate Issue

£100 1st hour

Add On

Rope Replacement



A full polish can be added to any sweep.This involves a complete polish which can withstand high temperatures.It will also bring a new lease of live into your stove.


Stand alone CCTV Inspection

A stand alone CCTV inspection is ideal for customers that just want there chimney checked to see if it's in good working order.


wood burner stove pic

All open fires, Stove types

If you have a cast iron wood burner, open fire, jetmaster, etc... We are able to sweep it.

A Smoke Draw Test will be carried out to ensure the appliance is ejecting the smoke correctly.

All sweeps include a full sweep with CCTV inspection. The area around the system will be thoroughly cleaned down and the glass will be cleaned (if desired).

Rope seals around stove doors will be inspected and if they need replacing the homeowner will have this option at an extra cost.

All work will be recorded on an insurance backed certificate and issued to the customer. These help with home insurance renewal as proof they have been cleaned.


Got an AGA or ESSE? No problem. These can be swept just the same as any other stove. Charged the same as a full chimney sweep.


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