Please see below some useful information regarding Chimneys and why they need to be swept

Why do I need my chimney sweeping?

Basically, a regularly swept chimney will efficiently and safely remove all the harmful waste from gases and soot particles that are produced by your appliance, whether you are burning wood, coal, smokeless fuel or oil – and contrary to what some people believe, the flues of wood burning stoves definitely still need sweeping, even if they are lined. And smokeless fuel isn’t smokeless!

How long will it take?

On average it should take approximately 40 to 60 minutes to carry out the sweeping process from start to finish. However on the rare occasions when there is a large inglenook fireplace to clear or there is an obstruction in the chimney – such as a bird’s nest – it may take additional time

Will there be mess?

What comes out of a chimney is very messy and something you don't want around your home. When we come out to sweep the most important task we carry out first is ensuring there is adequate sheeting down and the fire place is sealed off.

What about Birds nest?

Birds often choose to make there nests in the liner/chimney stack. These can be removed but can be time consuming. A full CCTV inspection will always be carried out to identify such blockage and after to ensure it has been completely cleared and no damage is present.

Please note Birds nest cannot not be removed between March and August.

Should I tell my home insurer?

To have a valid home insurance you should declare on your policy that you have any type of fuel burner. Once a sweeping has been carried out you will be issued with a certificate. Some insurers require you to have your appliance swept at least once a year and also prove this is done. The certificates issued will do this.